Hawkwind Golden Void 1969-1979/Chrome New CD update

Bob Lennon Hawkwinder at AOL.COM
Fri Jan 15 21:22:56 EST 1999

New Hawkwind 2-CD compilation by cleopatra: Golden Void 1969-1979
includes: 6 early Hawkwind, 4 Sonic Assassins tracks, 2 Hawkwind Zoo songs, 2
by Hawklords, and the the 4 Earth Ritual EP tracks, plus the Dave Brock
interview from the "official Picture log book" (or so i'm told, i didn't play
the 2nd disc yet). Nice pullout cover with tons of sleeve notes.
anyhow, a comp is a comp is a comp.

Update on the new Chrome 2-cd, the live disc has the track lists incorectly
indicated. there are 12 tracks on cd, but the liner notes only list 11, from
track 8 on tracks are listed incorrectly. I wonder if the person doing the
packaging actually knows much about Chrome? This sort of blunder can confuse
newer fans. But since i have no problem telling one track from the next, it
doesn';t take away from my immense enjoyment of it.

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