Hawkwind: Fanzine update

Bob Lennon Hawkwinder at AOL.COM
Thu Jan 21 19:17:54 EST 1999

hello hawkers:
Update on Hawk-U.S./Time & Space fanzine
Issue #7 is due out within days/a few weeks
I am currently having the fanzine printed as we type.
This issue will include a special Space Rock CD-R that will
feature all 13 bands that played at Strange Daze 98.
All tracks were recorded live at the event.
It comes with a nice color cover.
I'll give out more details in a few days as I get it ready for
mailing out.
please check my website for info in case you miss the next post.
Please do not send out postage for this issue as was usual in the past,
as I still am working out the costs involved in shipping it out.
As mentioned i will update this list and put news of release on the website
see ya

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