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Keith Henderson henderson.120 at OSU.EDU
Thu Jan 21 21:45:31 EST 1999

More on various Dark Stars...

>This CD is the most confusing yet.  It seems to be attributed to the *band*
>Dark Star, but then was also released on a label (in Germany) that has a
>sub-label called Dark Star.  Anyway, the style of this one is
>gothic/electronic and has members of Legendary Pink Dots' guesting.  But I
>don't really know if the band's name was truly Dark Star or not.  Or
>whether it's any of the above.

OK, I now discover this is a different band from the rest (so that makes at
least 4 Dark Star's, apart from darXtar).  Actually, it's just one guy, a
German named Wolfgang Reffert, who also has a radio show named Pleasuredome
on Radio Dreyeckland.  (?)  Anyway, he released his first album, "Headtrip,"
back in 1992, then "Travelogue" in 1993.  He has also had some cassette
releases on M&E ("States of Mind," "No Sign of Intelligent Life," and
"Arrival of the Masters of Confusion.")

Travelogue was issued on the Strange Ways label, which *does* now have a
sub-label called (strangely enough) Dark Star.

Arrggghhhh!!!  And we thought four "Masters of the Universe" comps. was

Keith H. (FAA)

ObFuckingCD:  Agitation Free - At the cliffs of river Rhine (Brilliant!)

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