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Subject: OFF: Dark Star

>Well, being a fan of Levitation myself, I looked into this mess.  To be
>honest, I'm more confused than ever...there are obviously several different
>Dark Star's.  (Bengtsson admitted to me that the spelling of darXtar was
>largely to avoid some of this terrible confusion.)
>"Gracedelica" (CD single)
>This second Dark Star contains members of Levitation (presumably Christian
>Hayes, who apparently was called 'Bic' while in the Cardiacs).  But I can't
>tell if there are any other releases by this particular Dark Star.  This
>certainly could also be the band heard on BBC Radio 1.
This is the first release. There`s been a lot of talk about them on the
cardiacs list. It was definitly them on the session recently.

And just to add to your list of Darkstar bands. There was a NWOHM band of
that name circa 1980-2 who released at least one album. The most known track
was called `lady of mars` and to make it even weirder, I always thought the
track  always sounded much better when played at 45rpm instead of 33.


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