I Do like to be beside the seaside

Sat Jan 23 11:33:04 EST 1999

I got this mailout today.

But there is one thing you forgot to mention that is it is a CDR and
costs £19.99 + post & packing and apparently limited to 50 copies.

A bit pricey for a CDR or what ?

I Ordered mine this morning.

I Guess 'Sucker for Hawkwind' is written all over my face.

Keep a hold


In article <72befb7a.36a8b916 at aol.com>, Al Ogilvy <Alogilvy at AOL.COM>
>Just got a mailout from Vynil Addiction (E.Mail 101325.1414 at compuserve.Com)
>advertising a "New Hawkwind CD" called I Do like to be beside the seaside.
>Recorded live at Folkestone Leas Cliffe Hall 12.7.80 which claims to be good
>soundboard quality.Anyone Know anything about this...Is it an official release
>or what?..Is the quality really any good ?They included a track list...here it
>is if anyones interested...Shot down in the night,Urban Guerilla,The
>war,.(Possibly whose gonna stop the I suppose ??)..World of Tiers,Dust of
>Time,Docking port
>111.....(???),NATI...(???),Lighthouse,Brainstorm,MOTV....(I,m guessing that
>this might be Master of the universe abbreviated and misspelt..Who can
>say???),Silver Machine,Levitation.
> If anyones never heard of Vynil Addiction out there,theyre pretty
>reliable,and have a fair sized Hawkwind list which occassionally carries some
>pretty obscure Items.
>their Snailmail is :PO Box 27 LLandysul SA 38 9YA Wales UK.


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