OFF: Can I Cope?

Mark Edmonds edmondsm.brbs at EMS.RAIL.CO.UK
Mon Jan 25 09:17:00 EST 1999

From: Mark Edmonds
Date: 1999-01-25 14:17

>Howdy all,
>            Just picked up a nice CD by Julian Cope, "Interpreter"
> My question is - is his other stuff like this album? Is it any good,
>etc., etc.?
>            Thanks...
> - Max

I don't have Interpreter which makes my answer a little invalid but I do
have Fried, Saint Julian, My Nation Underground and Peggy Suicide as well as
a few singles.

Basically, its really good stuff with Saint Julian and Peggy Suicide being
my faves. Its difficult to draw comparisons with other groups but I suppose
bits are Gongish and there are some nice atmospheric touches and unusual
instrumentation. See if you can borrow Saint Julian or Peggy Suicide from a

Hope this helps (probably not though)


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