Where B the OC?

Laj Waldner erebus7 at DLCWEST.COM
Tue Jan 26 01:33:31 EST 1999

"BREVARD, Adrian R." wrote:
> Ahem...
> Whatever happened to that band from Long Island, Blue Oyster Cult?  No one
> ever talks about them anymore.  Anyone going to see the show at Jaxx,
> Springfield, VA this weekend?  I'll be on the road so hopefully they'll be
> back this fall.
> L8er
> Ghost in the Ruins
> Five in the Player
> Savatage - Sirens, Dungeons Are Calling, Fight for the Rock
> Monster Magnet - Powertrip, Dopes to Infinity

I'm hoping they will tour mid Canada, hell I would see them if they
played anywhere in the upper states, North Dakota would be fine. But it
seems they usually play the east coast, lower states, and west coast, if
I didn't know any better I would say they were avoiding me ;-). Well
they did  play Alberta last year, so I'm hoping they will again this
year too.


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