HW In Your Area: Impressions

Jon Browne jon at COMICS.DEMON.CO.UK
Tue Jan 26 04:38:49 EST 1999

In article <1275161.3126308318 at cea20.joh.cam.ac.uk>, Carl Edlund
Anderson <cea20 at CUS.CAM.AC.UK> writes
>     An impressive statement, considering Hawkwind have managed
>some impressive prat-falls in the past! ;)
>     Well, I have to say that descriptions I've heard have _not_
>prompted me to order it in from the States, though I'll doubtless
>pick it up once I'm back there.  I get the feeling that it won't
>do that much for me :/  Still, good to see that Hawkfan traditions
>are alive--some people have praised it, some people have panned
>it.  Proves its genuine at least ;)

It's a classic case of "new Hawkwind album syndrome". Give it a year and
it'll be regarded as a great LP.  Yeah, it does have a lot of stuff on
it you've heard before but that's hardly surprising by now. Personally I
could do without the title track which is "Camera That Could Lie" again
basically. I would rather hear the full blooded "Living On A Knife Edge"
that its corrupted from. I would rather the firestorms of atmospheres
but there you go, eh?

FWIW It's a great Brainstorm.  "Rat Race" and "Hippy" are a pair of
terrific toons, right up there. They're good versions of "Alchemy" and
"Aerospace" and the noodly bits later on, are fine.  I'm pleased with
it, am playing it in the shop, and am happy to tell people what I'm
listening to, whether they ask or not.

The only problem I have really is the
"jump up and down and swing your self around" refrain.
The Spice Girls lyric
"slam your body down and wind it all around" just creeps into the
consciousness. Please shoot me.

That and the scary picture of Trev.    Scary Hawk.

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