I Do like to be beside the seaside

Thu Jan 28 05:37:05 EST 1999

The HAWK LOGS Master Series Vol. 1 "I Do Like to be beside the seaside"
CD came today.

Nati is a new song for me sounds like Tim Blake singing. Any one have
any other info on this track.

It's a three track (12 Song) CD, Sounds OK on first quick listen. Cover
is plain paper from an inkjet printer.

The flyer that came with it says it's the first of a series.
the next is entitled Archives. (Also available from Vinyl Addiction
£19.99 Limited 75 copies)

track list
BBC Archive
1- Assault & Battery
2- Night of the Hawks
3- Thet got your number (?)
4- Magnu
5- Blue Angel/Dreamworker
6- Dust of time
Crystal Place Bowl 1985
7- Intro
8- Coded Languages
9- Angels of Death
10-Needle Gun

Bonus Tracks

12-Vanishing Point
13-Final Day
14-Masters of the Universe


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