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Fri Jan 1 23:42:04 EST 1999

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From: david hall <dave at PARMA29.FREESERVE.CO.UK>
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Date: Tuesday, November 30, 1999 7:47 PM
Subject: HW Poll

>This poll raises some interesting questions:
>1. how many are on the list?
>2. Are those on the list representative of the active HW fanbase?

Well, I bought my first computer for the sole purpose of getting on this

>3. Geographic location?

Reston VA, now.

>4. Is the poll representative of those who would possibly turn out for a
gig? (probably)

One would think.  It would take alot for me to miss a HW gig.
Like...  a gig at Nelson Ledges Quarry.  Yep, that'd do it.



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