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Paul Mather paul at GROMIT.DLIB.VT.EDU
Sun Jun 6 12:34:43 EDT 1999

Carl writes:

=> Forwarding chain letters (especially ones with *billions* of
=> headers and *ridiculous* levels of quotation) to lists is
=> generally frowned upon.

Besides, surely it should have been forwarded to the DMB list instead,
who might at least in theory be interested in learning Dave Matthews
alleged screen name. ;-)

(BTW, reading the chain letter made me realise how obviously bogus it
is, and wonder if anyone bothers to read past the "this is for a poor
sick dying girl: forward to everyone you know."  I mean, there's no way
[even if they could track it] that the American Cancer Society is going
to donate 3 cents per forward to any *individual's* cancer recovery
treatment.  That, and the fact that later it says 6 cents.;)


Craig Shergold.

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"I don't live today; maybe tomorrow..."
        --- James Marshall Hendrix

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