OFF: austin powers in "THE SPY TO WHOM I PUT IT"

Andrew Apold mordru at FLITE.NET
Sun Jun 6 23:11:34 EDT 1999

At 02:43 PM 6/6/99 EDT, you wrote:
>i was at the mall this afternoon and saw a couple promo displays for the 2nd
>austin powers movie, "the spy who shagged me", and it got me to thinkin'...
>in america, not too many yankees know what "shag" means. ^_~

In america, it has three accepted meanings:

1.  a nap on a coarse material (or coarse, shredded tobacco)
2.  a species of coromant
3.  to chase after and retrieve (specifically, baseballs durring batting

Seriously, though, I do think most people are aware of the meaning from
the movie title, but (thankfully) it hasn't appeared on any censor's banned
list to date...

"To dwell within Samsara, however, is to
 be subject to the works of those mighty
 among dreamers."

 - Mahasamatman, in Zelazny's "Lord of Light"

Andrew Apold

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