HW: Quark STrangeness and Charm

Carl Edlund Anderson cea20 at CUS.CAM.AC.UK
Tue Jun 8 13:39:24 EDT 1999

On tis 8 jun 1999 11.15 +0100 "nigel.kew" <nigel.kew at VIRGIN.NET> wrote:
> I can't tell you much more than this,
> I've got an original 1977 Virgin Records release on vinyl CD's not being
> available at the time therefore one of the CD releases must be a direct
> Virgin release and presumably the other is a cheaper version released
> through another label. I suspect there will be no other differences other
> than the releasing agent.

     I used to have one of the original QS&C CD issues (Virgin?
Charisma? Can't remember ...).  It was terrible :)  Not the sound,
it just wouldn't play in some decks.  Something in the mastering.
I ditched it when the Griffin CDs came out and got one of those
instead. Silly cover, but better product!

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