HW: Warrior OTEOT (was: Quark STrangeness and Charm)

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Mon Jun 14 11:26:11 EDT 1999

Auction Away ! !


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Subject: HW: Warrior OTEOT (was: Quark STrangeness and Charm)

>I have a spare copy of the Warrior CD (autographed by mike Moorcock
>If anybody is interested in it, I could hold an auction!!!!!
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>                >On Wed, 9 Jun 1999 hijinks at UTARLG.UTA.EDU wrote:
>                >
>                >> And is Warrior on the Edge of Time available anywhere
>currently? I'm
>                >> having a hard time finding that on CD...
>                >
>                >        Good luck! It took me bloody ages to find a copy
>the US, and
>                >there hasn't been one seen in the UK for many moons. It's
>out of print
>                >both sides of the ocean, I fear. Yours,
>                >                                        Jon
>                >
>                Out of print, maybe, but not impossible to find: within the
>last 12 months
>                I found a copy of the Griffin edition in the box with the
>collectors guide
>                in the Nottingham branch of Selectadisc, and I have seen an
>"ordinary" one
>                somewhere since then (blowed if I can remember where
>                ChrisW
>                NP:1999 Party

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