HW: "Unofficial" Covers

Chuck Rosenberg Chuckrecs at AOL.COM
Thu Jun 17 02:02:26 EDT 1999

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<< And a few of the unrecognized titles are songs that are quite obviously
 inspired by parts of Hawkwind songs - Pere Ubu's "Final Solution" (closing
 portion lifted from "Space Is Deep") and ST37's "Look At Your Chair"
 (compare with "Valium Ten").

          ceres at sirius.com >>

----Speaking of blatant HW quotes/references but not covers per se (see above
and also Spacemen 3's "Revolution" comes to mind)--I'm listening to an album
now called "Maya" by a Brit. group called Strobe and the song "Rebirth" lifts
the Born to Go riff and another really obvious Hawkriff circa '72 that I
can't quite put my finger on.
    As for the CD in general--kinda "armchair" space-rock, certainly not
aggressively spacey/freaky, at least going on a few cursory listens...


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