HW/NIK: Where-abouts of Del Rio/Grenas/Fox?

Chuck Rosenberg Chuckrecs at AOL.COM
Mon Jun 21 00:51:16 EDT 1999

Speaking of whereabouts, I've been wondering myself...

I know Nik's doing the jazz thing in England, from a recent review posted

But what of the Pressurehed guys?

1. Will there ever be another Zero Gravity album? It's been 4 yrs. since the
glorious debut.
2. Will there ever be another Brain album? It's been 3 since the glorious
3. Will there be another Pressurehed album? It's been 3 years since their
4. A little too soon to be asking for a new Anubian Lights album, but how
about it?
5. Does Nik ever wanna record/tour will these people again?
6. I'm not really a huge fan of Farflung (yet), but are they still together?

Something, anything on perhaps the best current collective of space musicians


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