OFF: Melting Euphoria and Hamburgers

Christopher Bruce kaduflyer at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Wed Jun 23 21:46:56 EDT 1999

Chuck Rosenberg wrote:
> To place under the recent Where Are They Now file, what of ME these
> days??
> Inside the Gardens of the Mind came out in '97, so it's about that time.
> Space-rock, I might guess, is an especially difficult profession for an
> American group--the musicians of which might end up having to do the
> proverbial hamburger flippin' thing (unless they succumb to some form of
> techno or "electronica"). I'd hate to hear that Michael Merrill, Anthony
> Who? and company have donned the ol' apron and paper-hat.
> Disclaimer: Of course I'm not dissing the current US space/psyche scene,
> which seems darn good, partly thanks to AI, et. al. (insert your name if
> you're reading).
> Chuck

Sorry to say, chuck but I have heard from a fairly reliable source that the
original ME has disbanded. I am currently searching for their #, which I had
obtained from them as the recording engineer at Strangedaze last year; when I
dig through the enless banks of stored addresses in this Black Box I'll find
out more for you. If its true its a major loss for the Spacerock scene over
here, but at least we finally have Das Ludicroix in a "public" appearance.
Make it to SD '99 and bring your Spacerock friends. They won't be disappointed.

Chreis Bruce
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