OFF: 1000 mails in my Inbox.

Horse Whisperer beautiful_foot at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Jun 24 05:00:53 EDT 1999

Back on the list after about a year - bike accident/major
injuries/coma/usual nonsense.  I haven't opened this account in all that
time and I've never seen a mailbox with over 1000 messages in it before!

A friend asked me a question yesterday about The Girl Who Made Love
Blind.....and I thought...
Albert Bouchard
Blue Oyster Cult
Oh mi god BOC-L - I owe some guys some tapes and CD's.

And so here I am.

I think the people I owe stuff to are Clemens, Rocker22, and Andrew Apold.
Are any of you guys still there and do you remember?  I have copied an
Arthur Brown CD for someone and a stack of other stuff - I spent this
morning unpacking the boxes of dusty stuff my girlfriend packed while I was
in hospital and I found those addresses and other stuff.  Who was it was to
get my 1996 HW tour teeshirt?

Anyway, the question my friend asked me:  what is The Girl Who Made Love
Blind all about?????

Chris Allen
Horse Whisperer.

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