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Fri Jun 25 10:49:17 EDT 1999

Hi Don:

Welcome aboard.  You probably have received more posts/data than you
imagined so I'll contribute my fair share of the noise.  From memory:

How many times have you seen BOC - first time was 1975, Feet/Knees tour.
Since then I have seen them at least 7 times in the last 8 years.

Things you didn't ask - Both the Bouchard brothers are no longer with the
band and haven't been for some time.  Al has a new band called the Brain
Surgeons and has a ton of great cd's.  A new two cd set from tBS is comming
soon.  Sink your teeth into tBS you will not be sorry.  Joe still plays
occassionaly, he put out a cd last year thats quite good though you probably
will not find either tBS or Joe's X-Brothers in your local shop.  BTW Al
occassionally graces us with his presence on this list.  Pretty hard to do
for him as he stays really busy.  Still there is no better source for info
on the record biz than Al.  You ask him a question and he will answer you.
Very humble guy for a rock star.

Who the heck is Hawkwind - Oh boy is that a can of worms.  HW has been
around seemingly forever.  They are space rock giants.  Lemmy of Motorhead
was an original Hawkie.  Monster Magnet's Dave Wyndorf is a huge HW fan.  I
have a couple of their live cd's Chronicles of the Black Sword and Live '79.
Bottom line, these guys can play a ton and they rock a lot harder than you
might imagine.  HW'ers can give you great album recommendations but I would
suggest one of the live ones first.  You may be pleasantly surprised.   As
near as I can tell the most consistent thing about HW is Dave Brock, only
guy (I think) that has been thru every incarnation of this band.

Fave BOC releases - Well this is always the subject of great debate on this
list.  For me Secret Treaties is the top of the mountian for studio albums.
Feet/Knees for official live releases.  There are quite a few boots out
there, pretty expensive stuff.  The Thing is one such and its a killer two
cd set.

Fave songs would be anything and everything off ST, Golden Age of Leather,
Lips in the Hills, The Vigil, Joan Crawford, Take me Away, Perfect Water,
Teen Archer and Harvest Moon.  BTW you know they have a new album called
Heaven Forbid.  If you don't have it GET IT!

A few odds and ends - Buck wears dark clothes on stage now and no longer
sports a 'stache.  Eric's hair is shorter and he looks younger than he did
in '75.  Danny Miranda has been playing bass for them for a few years and
the guy can absolutely pound it.  Alan Lanier, well Alan can still play but
now looks likes he's 105 years old.  Don't recall if Bobby Rondinelli is
back behind the drums.  This past spring Alan got sick and took a break.  Al
Pitrelli (brilliant guitarist for Savatage) filled in for him on keys and
Rythm guitar.  I missed this show :-(.

About the list - Everyone here is a good person.  There are all kinds of
people who hang out here.  Amongst the HW' fans you'll find people that know
almost anything about HW's career.  John Swartz is editor of the BOC FAQ
(frequently asked questions).  John keeps it updated and timely.  It may
take a while to get through it but trust me you have a question the answer
is probpably there.

Here's the rundown on a few of the "characters" that hang out here.

Steve Swann - Great guy and here from the beginning.  Whenever there is a
problem or blame to be laid, it finds its way to Steve doorstep.  You'll see
the phrase "Blame it on Steve Swann" quite often.

Theo - Plays guitar in a band, loves BOC and positively hates Rush.  Guy has
started more anti-Rush threads than anybody.  Never mention Rush around
Theo.  We keep him on medication but it dosen't always work.

Paul - Mr. Gov't Mule!  We talk about a lot of bands here though we
shouldn't.  Paul knows GM like the back of his hand.  If you haven't heard
of these guys, you will.  Awesome group.

Torgo, the Lurker - Pops in occassionally, contributes meaningful dialog or
absolute insanity.  You'll know when Torgo is in the house.

There are many many more good folks most with extensive knowledge and
musical experience.  So don't be afraid to ask questions.

Well that it from this peanut gallery.  I'll be signing off BOC-L for a
while.  Moving to a new company (result of an acquisition) and will have new
e-mail addie to work with.  Have fun folks, do behave and keep on rocking.


Ghost in the Ruins

NP - King's X s/t (The biggest KX fan in the world)

"When a nice clean brain tumbles to the dirty street to lie among the
discarded wrappers and spat out gum wads of wickedness, you can't just pick
it and wash it off with soap and water; you gotta think it clean from the
inside out." - The Tick

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