Chuck Rosenberg Chuckrecs at AOL.COM
Sun Jun 27 18:45:36 EDT 1999

"Space Does Not Care", Sat, June 26, 1999, 88.3 KUCR

1. Hawkwind--Brainstorm (Doremi)
2. Add N to X--King Wasp
3. Zappa/Mothers--Wowie Zowie
4. Farflung--Solar Electric/Open Your Mouth
5. Psychic TV--Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
6. Can--Halleluwah (Cannibalism edit) (dedicated to Noah in Pomona)
7. Melting Euphoria--Harbour of Infinity
8. Subarachnoid Space--Repetitive Smile
9. Amon Duul II--Deutsch Nepal (dedicated to Bitch Goddess, Pomona)
10.Hawkwind--Sonic Attack (Hawklords Live)
11.Helios Creed--Lactating Purple
12.Zappa/Mothers--Didja Get Any Onya?
13.Residents--The Coming of the Crow
14.Blue Oyster Cult--Dominance and Submission (Secret Treaties)
15.Black Sabbath--Black Sabbath (dedicated to Chris Odorous, Pomona)
16.Pink Faries--Do It (studio demo)
17.Voodoo Warriors of Love--Sweat
18.Hawkwind--Light Specific Data
19.Bowie (w/B. Eno)--All Saints
20.Nik Turner--Space Station Announcement


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