long or short?

Joseph Brooks Joseph.Brooks at GCCCD.NET
Wed Jun 30 12:52:04 EDT 1999

Here in San Diego, CA. I've never even heard a "short version". Hmmm...


> Hi again.  It's the new guy.  I still haven't gotten a Hawkwind CD
> yet, but don't worry, I'm still working on that one.  But I have a
> question for the BOC fans out there.  If this has already been
> discussed then I apologize for the duplication, but I was curious
> which version of Don't Fear the Reaper radio stations play more of in
> other parts of the world.  Around here it depends on the kind of
> station that is playing it.  Mostly we get the short version with the
> guitar part left out of the middle.  Occasionally on a good rock
> station I get to hear the whole thing.  I personally like the long
> version.  In fact, that part of the song was what originially got
> me hooked on BOC.  So what about it? What gets played more, long
> version or short version?
> Don Farmer.

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