long or short?

Wed Jun 30 12:59:39 EDT 1999

In a message dated 6/30/99 12:31:51 PM, farmer at ALLENCC.NET writes:

<<So what about it? What gets played more, long
version or short version?
i'm surely not a 'cult aficionado; didnt even know there WAS a version of
"reaper" minus the middle break. did that version get am radio airplay in
1976? and why would such a thing still get aiplay? yuck!

the first time i heard that song it gave me chills, for real...twas my
personal #1 song for 1976...but like a certain song about a stairway, there's
only so many million times you can hear something...

while i dont listen to fm rock anymore ==of my own volition== i would not
turn the dial away from "reaper" if i heard it.

which is more than i could say about that stairway song...zappa did a neat
version of it in '88, though


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