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BDL> Hi Folks...
BDL> Just happened to pass by this page for an old 70s radio program
BDL> in Chicago, that claims to have a bunch of interviews on tape.
BDL> Hawkwind is among them. It says they plan to start offering the
BDL> audio for download (only two are available now), and I thought
BDL> maybe with some encouragement from us, perhaps they'd put
BDL> Hawkwind up at the top of the list to prepare.
BDL> I gather from the photo that this interview might have been done
BDL> in 1977 (or was it 1978?), literally hours before the final
BDL> Hawkwind concert when they broke up.  [The Spirit of the Age
BDL> performance (IIRC pretty good, but for the feedback problems) on
BDL> F&R II is from this gig, is that right?  Does all of this concert
BDL> exist?]  Looks like Brock/Calvert/King/Shaw?/Swindells? lineup in
BDL> that bad photo. If so, it might be an interesting interview to
BDL> hear, just before things came to a head.  Simon H. would have
BDL> just quit days before, and Calvert must have been off in his own
BDL> world, and with only a single sword (right, Bill?).

This is funny, as I've just found (on an old tape) a radio interview of Dave
and Bob which could be the same;
They were promoting the Quark album at that time.
I was ready to put it on Hawkzone web site, but will wait if they remain


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