HW:really stupid question

nigel.kew nigel.kew at VIRGIN.NET
Sun Jan 16 15:26:40 EST 2000

Hi all,

    Just slipped out of lurkdom for a moment to ask, what you all will
think is a really easy question, but despie having a fairly extensive
selection of HW studio albums I don't know which album ' Night of The
Hawks ' is from????

To prove I not a complete moron I have tried to work it out, because
from the style it is around about the Sonic Attack era but pre Black
Sword. Since I have SA and CYM my gut feeling is Church of Hawkwind,
could some kind soul please let me know..... and pretty please not to
much of a slagging for being a thicky thanks!!

LOL to all Hawkers and Hawkettes
Doc .x.

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