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Mon Jan 17 13:08:56 EST 2000

Hello Folks

The Hawkwind book is finally nearing completion, with all the artwork except
for the photos now inserted. The text will be checked then proof read during
the next few weeks and then it's a case of finding a publisher.

There are still a few snippets of info and images needed. If you can help in
any way, please do. Colour copies, or Email attachments are fine, preferably
JPEGs at 300dpi.
age.p at conifersclose.freeserve.co.uk

1. The catalogue number for the USA Sire Records release of Hawkwind's
"Quark Strangeness and Charm c/w Forge Of Vulcan" single.

2. A colour (or b&w) advert for EMI's "Epocheclipse" CD compilations from

3. Any gig adverts, tickets or memorabilia from Hawkwind's 1999 gigs.

4. Colour copies of the following Hawkwind CD covers.
i. "Independent Days Volume 1 & 2" (Anagram or Griffin 1995)
ii. "Welcome To The Future" (Dressed To Kill 1997 4CD)
iii. "Master Of The Universe" (Laserlight 1999)
iv. "Epocheclipse: Ultimate Best Of" (EMI 1999)
v. Dawn Of Hawkwind (Blueprint Jewel Case cover 1999, not the booklet)

5. Info and/or confirmation on Hawkwind touring Europe in the Autumn of 1976
following the UK Astounding Sounds tour.

6. What date and channel was the program "Putting Our House In Order" shown
on T.V in 1993, which had an interview with Richard Chadwick and Sam Fox,
and was the project to raise money for the homeless.

That's the last few bits and bobs I'm after. Look forward to hearing from
anyone that can help out.
The "Hawkeye" website will be updated fully within the next week or so,
including the full set of NZ and Australian tour dates, and hopefully more
news on the reunion gig at Brixton.

All the best

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