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>> P.S.  I'm guessing that *all* of the bands are effectively 'write-ins', as
>> they just keep adding on more and more.  Who the hell is Morecheeba?
>        Well, they actually do exist... They're a London (I think)
>trip-hop band who turned out a supremely annoying track called `Tapeloop'
>a few years back but other than that have at least as much to recommend
>them as any other trip-hop type band.

That comment jibes well with the perceived character of the man who put
together "Cosmic Rings & Heavy Things" *g* - as if I didn't already
know!!!!!  I think Morcheeba are rather good actually, if not in the class
of Red Snapper or the below-mentioned Portsihead.

>        Except Portishead of course, because they have an ex-Hawkwind
>member. Did anyone else know this? Their drummer's Clive Deamer. This
>means that on my attempt at a complete Relations List I have to feature
>not only Portishead but also Roni Size & Reprazent (ick!). Mr. Deamer has
>a lot to answer for... Yours,
>                              Jon

As for Reprazent - Hush yo' mouf - the album was IMHO a desereved Mercury
winner and deferably one of the best albums of its year, if not the best
single artist/band d'n'b albums ever!!!!!!

(Still Colombian)

"a cynic is a man who when he smells flowers looks around for a coffin" -

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