HW: Hawkwind Theme Loading

Stephan Spiegel spiegel at INTPLSRV.NET
Tue Jan 18 08:50:28 EST 2000

OK, I give up....  I unzipped it, so now what's next?

Don't know how to load it so it works


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From: Karen Kusic <kkusic at EXECPC.COM>
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Date: Sunday, January 16, 2000 3:37 PM
Subject: HW: Hawkwind Theme for Windows 95/98/NT

>Remember the Hawkwind theme for Windows operating systems?
>Just found the link to download it again!
>Version 1.0
>No Registration Required
>Win 95/98/NT
>Never Expires
>No Install
>28 min at 14.4K
>14 min at 28.8K
>2 min at ISDN 128K
>Is the person who created this on the BOC-L list?
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