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david hall dave at PARMA29.FREESERVE.CO.UK
Tue Jan 18 17:52:41 EST 2000

Looks like we've returned to this thread again. The problem is one of
quality control,  and if people buy shite then shite will be released. I'm
not a collector. I want good music. If the collectors out there continue to
buy stuff regardless then we're always going to have this problem. Just
release a good studio lp a do a good tour, what's wrong with that.

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>A lot of dissatisfaction around eh!  I'm looking at a complete list of
>'collection' CDs in the CDS Dundee catalogue.
>I'm not such a Hawknut that I want anything and everything.  For sound
>quality (firstly) and something not too similar to the main live albums of
>that time(79, stonehenge, chronicles, Palace Springs)(secondly) what do the
>committee recommend?
>PS just got my first Darxtar album - Sju.  Quite nice..... but thats it -
>quite nice.  Slightly disapointed.  I actually prefer Dark Star! (thanks
>Hey, Thread idea.  What other bands have confusingly close names.  I
>remember the media stirred fuss in the seventies between Steely Dan and
>Steeleye Span.  What others?

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