BOC: Col's 1/19/00

K Henderson henderson.120 at OSU.EDU
Thu Jan 20 10:56:51 EST 2000

Hi Folks...

Braved the snowstorm to travel the whole 2 miles to get from Grandview
Heights to the Newport Theater on the east side of campus (OSU).  Smartly, I
decided not to drive given the snow and the likelihood of passing my
personal 3 drink limit, but had to hope the show let out early as the buses
ceased at midnight (not a problem it turned out).  Don't remember who the
warmup act was, but I walked in just to hear them bashing out the very final
note.  No great loss I imagine.  I really like the Newport for its layout
and listening options (up/down, left/right, back/front), which is really
necessary because the sound isn't often perfect and you need to move about
to get a good spot.  (Motorhead never works's just loud wherever
you go) :)  Last night wasn't bad, the mix was pretty good after the first
two songs, but Buck (gtr) was a little louder than the other instruments for
some reason.  "DFtR" came out really nice in the end, as they (of course)
turned all the other instruments up a bit (up to 11 I guess), and so the mix
was right on.  I was glad they had the balcony open (mainly because I know
the beer lines there are always shorter than on the main floor), but that
also meant there were enough folks there to require its use.  (I thought the
snow might really bring down the attendance.)

The set wasn't a total shock, and the show went similarly to others in the
recent past.  Though I was happy to hear at least 3 songs I hadn't heard
them do before, perhaps 4 (I don't remember hearing "HoE" before, but then I
first saw them in 1983, and my memory isn't *that* good).  "GAoL" I suppose
was the biggest surprise, and after a bit of condescending speech from EB
("A capella means without instruments" or something), they did do a very
nice job on the intro.  The new track, "TEotH" was kinda AC/DCish, with EB
on vocals.  Not too bad, but not a show-stopper either.  I would've liked to
have heard one or two more from HF, like Hammer Back for instance, but at
least "HM" was nice to hear live.  Hearing Allan do the intro to "JC" always
brings back memories of the time I saw them in Cleveland (in the very cozy
Peabody's Underground), when right in the middle of the big flourish, the
power to his keyboard cut suddenly.  I doubt he was humored by it, but I
thought it was rather funny.

Well, here's the setlist from the show (in only approximate order):
roughly 100 minutes

Stairway to the Stars
Harvest Moon
Joan Crawford
Buck's Boogie
Cities on Flame
Burnin' for You
Harvester of Eyes
Last Days o' May
The Eye of the Hurricane
Golden Age of Leather
Godzilla (w/ bass/drum solos)
Buck solo intro to:
Don't Fear The Reaper

Keith H. (FAA)

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