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Fri Jan 21 08:35:40 EST 2000

> > Has anyone else ever heard a CC tune on the air?

Nope, but I know the CC versions of The Reaper and Burnin' were used in
the movie "The Stoned Age".

> > the new century, as confirmed by Eric Bloom onstage.  The Eye Of The
> > Hurricane, a cut from the upcoming, but as yet untitled new album was
> > debuted as well and was well recieved by a packed house of adoring
> > fans.   On the whole, a great show, just as would be expected.   -Mark
> Wow!  What sort of tune?  Title sounds like an uptempo rocker...

I hear it's an Eric tune, in the style of Hammerback or See You in Black
- haven't heard, but I assume the lyrics are John Shirley's (but don't
know this for sure).

> Me too.  I saw HW twice, each time opening for tBS.  How ironic that
> someone who appeared to be the picture of health, and was such a
> dynamic performer, should fall at an early age.  She will be sorely
> missed...

Yes, but I don't think her death was associated with any bad health -
she had to undergo some neck surgery, which I think was for some sort of
muscle/bone problem, but not as a result of any sort of disease.  She
lapsed into a coma following surgical complications.

I never managed to get to see Helen live or meet her in person, so I
only know her from her music.  My heart goes out to all of those that
knew her personally and loved her.

I put up a small tribute to Helen on my tBS page --
There's also a link there that will take you to
where you can post messages.

> The new track, "TEotH" was kinda AC/DCish, with EB
> on vocals.  Not too bad, but not a show-stopper either.

Would be a show-stopper for me just because it's new.

> I would've liked to
> have heard one or two more from HF, like Hammer Back for instance, but at
> least "HM" was nice to hear live.

For most shows over the past 6 months or so, HM is the only HF track
being played.  This is too bad, but BOC continues to approach their
setlists more as a nostalgia act, figuring that most people would demand
that they play all the "classics".  Personally, I think they should mix
it up more.  And, while some may argue that See You in Black isn't the
greatest of BOC tunes, I think it should continue to be in the setlist
(hey, it's only been there for about 5 that to ETI...).

> > Godzilla (w/ bass/drum solos)
> Who's playing the drums nowadays?  Before I left for vacation,
> someone posted that Bobby had lesft for another band?

The original post was that Bobby is involved in another project, not
that he has left BOC.  BOC is not touring much over the past few months
(in part to work on new tunes for the next album due to come out this
year).  No one has ever stated definitively that Bobby has left BOC.
I've seen nothing on the AOL boards about it, so I am assuming that
Bobby is still BOC's drummer.

>   Bobby was still on the throne, and playing very well. No news here on his
> future plans, as I did not get to speak to him personally. -Mark

Thanks Mark.  So, what do you think of Modulus basses anyway?  ;-)

John (a Fender guy, mostly 'cuz it's all he can afford...)

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