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Thu Jan 27 08:05:33 EST 2000

On Thu, 27 Jan 2000, Richard Lockwood wrote:

> Is anyone keeping a list of HW/BOC covers?

Yep, I'm still tracking them, with the eventual release of a HW Covers All
Vol 5 (and 6??) in mind.

> Found this on Forced Exposure...
> Title: Tapes
> CD reissue of one of Hijokaidan's 5th LP, from 1987, with a cover design ala
> Faust's Tapes. Includes their more underground-rock stylings under the
> omnipresent white noise sheen, even a cover of Hawkwind's "Silver Machine"!
> Don't know if it's been mentioned before.

Doesn't appear on my list of the 1st four tapes.  Thanks for the info!


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