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Don't go there:-(  I mentioned this over on the Motorhead list and
got savaged in a private e-mail, which went on at great length about
Lemmys family background, problems with stepfathers etc, and
damned me to eternal Hell for raking it up again.

Yours from Eternal Hell,

NP Cro-Mags - Alpha-Omega

On 27 Jan 00, at 9:57, Richard Lockwood wrote:

> You've got the Sam Gopal album?!  Can you let me know where you live, and
> when the house is likely to be empty? ;-)
> I'm afraid I haven't got a bastard clue Magnus.
> Cheers,
> Rich.
> ObAlbum: Ambrose Slade - Beginnings
> > >I'm fairly sure that it's printed as 'Kilminster' on quite a lot of
> > >album covers / labels / credits.
> >
> > I'm certain of this too, and will fully confess - GUILTY AS CHARGED!
> > (but at least I wasn't the first!)
> >
> > >But it *is* Kilmister.
> >
> > Yes.  So can anyone explain why it's listed as "Willis" on the Sam Gopal
> > album?!?!?  That's not even close!
> >
> >         -Doug
> >          ceres at
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