HW: March L.A. show

Mon Jan 31 13:40:09 EST 2000

Well, if the Los Angeles show doesn't happen, I'd certainly like to meet the
if they have a stop over at LAX.  I work ¼ mile away from LAX and live near

It certainly would be great if HW appears at SD 2000!!!

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        Eric S. said...

        >Apologies if this is old news -- and, at 11 days old, it may even
        >be out of date -- but for what it's worth, here's the bad news
        >from the Strange Trips news page

        I'm not sure this posting was talking about the LA show necessarily.
        think there was an idea to tack on a US tour of some length after
the NZ/OZ
        shows.  But then I guess their airline tickets were already
purchased and
        couldn't be easily changed, so that they *had* to 'leave' the US
from LAX.
        Which put the kibosh on any overland trips far away from So.
        Given the problems they had with US INS already during the layover,
I doubt
        it would be easy to get out of LA anyhow. (I hope this isn't a
problem that
        continues to haunt them (and us)!)

        Of course, Jim is with the band and so I think he wrote this before
        to meet up with them in LA, and so this would have been before the
        with the US officials there at the airport (i.e., not allowed to
        hotel).  So I think the possibility of the LA show would have more
to do
        with that situation rather than what Jim was originally writing
about, as below.

        >> It has been decided by Dave Brock (as of Janurary 20, 2000) that
        >> Hawkwind WILL NOT be doing a US Tour in March on their way home
        >> from the New Zealand and Australian Tours. Although they would
        >> have liked to do so (and Strange Trips was standing by ready to
        >> spring into action) there just wasn't enough time to make all of
        >> the many arrangements involved.
        >> Although the US fans will be sorely disappointed by this news, it
        >> does have an upside to it! This will make a summer HAWKWIND 2000
        >> US Tour or an appearance at the Strange Daze 2000 SpaceRock
        >> Festival a distinct possibility. We will be working towards this
        >> goal!

        Keith H. (FAA)

        P.S.  I guess Ron wasn't the only problem!  I can't imagine what our
        government is so afraid of!  Surely, HW is no longer corrupting
young minds!
        And we're already too far gone to save.  :)

        P.P.S.  I believe the tentative date for SD'2K is August 11-13 at
the Ledges
        (combined with the North Coast NORML Freedom Festival?), with the
        plan being the previous weekend.  Don't quote me on that, but if you
need to
        start making early plans...

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