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And Gatwick's less of a zoo/quicker to get out of than H'row.  Likewise, the
train's probably less crammed than the tube.  The biggest caveat is that if
you use the "Gatwick Express" I think the fare is substantially higher than
that for the ordinary trains.

Of course, nobody's mentioned Stansted.....

Aeroportically tours,

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> > An urgent request (as I need to make travel arrangements): Which
> > airport is
> > closer, Gatwick or Heathrow?  Or does it matter (with
> efficient rail/tube
> > service, which we are lacking,,,)
> Nothing in it really - Gatwick's marginally more convenient,
> get the fast
> train to Victoria Station and then it's two stops down the
> line, whereas
> with Heathrow you have to change twice.
> London public transport thanks you for the rare praise! ;)
> -- Andy
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