HW: So Alan's back!

Dave Berry daveb at TARDIS.ED.AC.UK
Sat Sep 2 09:15:57 EDT 2000

Hi Gordon,

Thanks for clearing this up.  (Also to Andy Garibaldi).


At 15:29 31/08/00, Gordon Reid wrote:
>This info came from me I was talking to Alan on satarday night, the funny
>thing is me & the mates were just talking about this today, you know that
>some of the stuff you read on here you think is that true or are we in
>fantasy land, that is when i said well we know we were talking to him and
>thats good enough for me. On the same note other people might also be
>telling the truth for all anyone knows all these ex Hawkwind members might
>just be fucking with our heads. And on!!!! A mate of mine phoned me today
>after buying the new best of Motorhead CD and he said in the notes that it
>said Lemmy will be recording with Hawkwind later in the year, but once again
>is it true.

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