HW: Cameras and thoughts

Mark Lee mark at ESPARTO.UK.COM
Tue Sep 5 06:28:58 EDT 2000

I assume that this means no 400mm Zoom lenses and no
tripod mounted equipment, so the latest digital video camera
with 100x and low-light sensitivity should be fine then !!

The only way around the recorders is A) smuggle one in
or B) Get permission from one of the band or C) Find out
who's running the PA and speak to the techie on the desk.

Anyway, my memory of the event will probably fade with
age so anybody who gets either of the above items into
the gig can expect at least one request for copies.

I wonder what the chances are of the band/s enforcing some
restrictions with a view to getting releasable material from
the event though ? After all, when is this gonna happen again ?

See ya soon guys,

Mark (Hasbeen)

> I've got a ticket here which says on the back:
>         No professional "type" cameras, video cameras or tape recorders
wil be
> allowed into the Brixton Academy.
> Their quote marks.  Don't know how strictly they enforce it though.
> -- Andy

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