OFF: "Space Does Not Care" 9/2/00 (Q-space int 9/9/00!)

Chuck Rosenberg Chuckrecs at AOL.COM
Tue Sep 5 21:10:08 EDT 2000

ANNOUNCEMENT: I will be interviewing QUARKSPACE next week (9/9/00).


1.Krom Lek--Long Meg (Psychedelic Dot Krom; thanks to Stone Premonitions)
2.Mr. Quimby's Beard--Marijuana Nightmare (Mr. Quimby's Beard; thanks to
3.Yeti--Two Fingers (Things to Come...)
4.Triple 0--Part 1: pour que... (Crypto Sensus)

5.American Analogue Set--White House (From Our Living Room to Yours)
6.Neu!--Seeland (Neu! '75)
7.Neutral Milk Hotel--Two-headed Boy/The Fool/Holland, 1945 (In the Aeroplane
Over the Sea)
8.Fuxa--3CP (Very Well Organized)
9.Lilys--You Win (Zero Population Growth)

10.Brainticket--Jardins (Celestial Ocean)
11.Sub Oslo--Celestial Dub (Dubs in the Key of Life; thanks to Two-Ohm Hop)

12.AMP--Light Drip Glow (Astral Moonbeam Projections)
13.PXR1--Spirit of the Age (The Hawk and the Elf)

14.Kraftwerk--Kometenmelodie (Autobahn)

Thanks, Chuck

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KUCR is now available on Windows Media Player 7.0 which many of you have
already.  Otherwise it can be downloaded from Microsoft for free.  Connect
to the Internet and open Windows Media Player.  Select file from the menu
and then "open URL".  Type in and say OK.


Download the Winamp installation file from the address below.  "Winamp
Basic" rather than the larger file, "Winamp Complete," is all you'll need to
hear KUCR.

After you've downloaded the installation file (Winamp25c.exe is the latest
at this time), run it by double-clicking. This will install Winamp on your

After you've installed Winamp, you need to run the actual Winamp program
(Winamp.exe) but first you need to connect to your internet server so Winamp
can connect to the Internet.  When you run Winamp, a small screen comes up
on the left with lots of fancy controls.  Ignore them to begin with.  Also
on the right, a web page is displayed which you can also ignore.  On the
lower left hand corner is a button which says "add".  Click that and then
click the top button of the three that come up above the one you just
clicked on.  When asked to provide an internet address, type in the

Say OK.  One more step.  Double click on the item in the file box of Winamp
and it will start to play KUCR live.  If it stops playing or breaks up,
double click again to reconnect.


KUCR is now available on RealPlayer from RealAudio.  Many of you Windows and
Mac users already have it so no download and installation would be

Connect to the Internet and open RealPlayer.  Select file from the menu and
then "open location".  Type in and say OK.  Repeat
the process if you lose the station at any time.

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