Songs that Set the Hook

Ted Jackson jr. tojackso at LIBRARY.SYR.EDU
Wed Sep 6 07:23:54 EDT 2000

On 5 Sep 00, at 20:57, Albert Bouchard wrote:

> "Ted Jackson jr." wrote:
> > On 5 Sep 00, at 18:34, Jon Jarrett wrote:
> >
> > No problem.  those songs are now so old, BOC wouldn't even have to
> > get permission!  They would still have to pay whoever 'owns' the
> > song a royalty for each copy sold, I guess...
> Seriously I think the statute is 50 years and you need the writers's
> permission. Of course, given the limited sales potential it probably
> wouldn't be worth it to sue especially for Winters and Braunstein. I'm
> sure a deal could be worked out.

Oops, hand me the towel.  A little egg on my face.  I thought it was 30


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