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> I finally found a reasonable airfare to get over to the Hawkestra.
> What are people doing for hotel/crash space? ...

I've been phoning round places listed in the London Yellow Pages that
are reasonably close to the Brixton venue and have come up with the
following responses based on two questions:

1.  What is your price for a single room for one night (you can probably
add £10 pounds to the price for a double room)
2.  How many rooms do you have in the hotel?

New Dome Hotel  51 Camberwell Church  SE5 -         Rate £35
rooms 35
Novotel London Waterloo, 113 Lambeth Road, SE1 - Rate £125
rooms 137
Parkside Hotel, 48-52 Clapham Common North Side, SW4 - Rate £40
rooms 150
Travelodge, 200 York Road, SW11 -                         Rate £69.95
rooms 87
Marbella Hotel, 29-33 Camberwell Church St.  SE5 - Rate £60
rooms 37 (though I have to admit this lass sounded so vague I'm not even
sure she was aware it was a hotel she was working in!)
Comfort Inn, 87  South Lambeth Road, SW8 -  no reply
Dudley Hotel, 80-81 Clapham Common South Side, SW4 - Rate £45
rooms 10
Belvedere Hotel, 90 Clapham Common South Side, SW4 - Rate £45 (though he
could have been saying £35 - I was having trouble with the accent)
rooms - "many many" of all different sizes.    This is the only place
that was curious enough to ask who I was phoning on behalf of!
London Castle Hotel Ltd., 86 Walworth Road, SE1 -         Rate£35
rooms 30
London Park Hotel, Brook Drive, Elephant & Castle, SE11 - no reply

The only hotel in the Brixton area is the Ebenezer Hotel Ltd, 90-92
Angel Road, Brixton, SW9.
I didn't phone it because not everything listed as a Hotel in Yellow
Pages is always intended for tourists and something called a  "Hotel"
may be functionally a doss house.     I don't know if this is the case
here but as it is the only hotel in Brixton I am a tad cautious about

I have to say that Parkside Hotel, Clapham Common North Side sounds like
probably the most reasonable of all (balancing room cost against room
numbers) and might be worth investigating further.
Are there any London folk who can offer opinions or who would be willing
to spend a Saturday wandering around to check some of these places out?


Jill Strobridge <jill at theta-orionis.freeserve.co.uk>

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