HW: London 2000

David Greenhalgh d.greenhalgh at VIRGIN.NET
Wed Sep 13 13:18:28 EDT 2000

Scot, you've spoilt it. I was going to start a "Ginger to Drum shock" rumour


"SHLL (Scott Heller)" wrote:

>         Hej,
>         Well, I have my tickets in hand for the upcoming concert. I don't
> know if anyone besides Magnus and myself will be making it over from
> Denmark.  I wonder if Dave had thought about something for the Passport
> holders or not? Probably not, as he is too busy just trying to pull this
> off..
>         I was curious to see a few people missing from the list of people
> who will perform with Hawkwind. I guess we can assume that Dave Anderson and
> Ginger Baker have been sort of blacklisted from the gig. Ginger might call
> it his show and of course if Dave got a hold of a copy of the performance
> there would be releases of it until the day he or all of us are dead!
>         Really glad to see that dik mik and del will be there. This is quite
> special. The only true audio generator players.
>         I look forward to meeting you all in London.
>         scott

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