HW: Hawkwind press release

Doug Pearson ceres at SIRIUS.COM
Wed Sep 13 15:35:55 EDT 2000

On Wed, 13 Sep 2000 19:10:02 +0100, bedroom trancer
<colm1 at MINISTRYOFSOUND.NET> wrote:
>glad to see simon house is down to play keyboards aswell

I certainly hope this is the case, since he's a far better keyboard player
than Swindells, Bainbridge, Blake or Brock (I'm not putting those four
down, it's just that Simon truly is in a class of his own).

>no paul rudolph though, amyone know what he up to this days?

He lives in Canada, which might pose some difficulty (but then again, Del
and Alan Powell also live on this side of the pond, and they're both on the
list).  He's released two albums under the name "Pink Fairies" (just him &
Twink) over the last few years, too.

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