BOC: Imaginos: in reply to everything

Joseph Brooks Joseph.Brooks at GCCCD.NET
Tue Sep 19 10:49:45 EDT 2000

> >Well, as I understood it, those lyrics are from fans ears and not
> >'official'
> >(I could be wrong here) and so are open to mistake
> I don't think there would be the copyright stated there, if
> that were the
> case.
> >(indeed, the 'official
> >BOC lyrics' which I sent away for oh those many years ago
> were riddled with
> >mistakes as well).
> precisely - many years ago.

My point was that though those lyric sheets were from the band (or its
management) itself, they still had mistakes, so too could the Imaginos
lyrics. Regardless, the lyrics I got off the site once upon a time had the
warning mentioned above. Perhaps this has changed.

> >"Mimic cry" makes little sense to me
> mimic = silent. the lyrics (=decimal chains) need the music
> for their power,
> like Elric needs Stormbringer.

Mimic = to resemble closely, to mock. Either way, I still don't get it. I'm
not possessed of a poetic mind, however.

> >so I hear it the way *I* would have
> >wrote it (grin).
> written it (grin ear - ear) ;-)

Thanks for the english lesson. In informal writing, I write the way I speak,
for the most part. Higher education is a wonderful thing, isn't it?


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