HW: Mission Control tidbits

flossbac flossbac at NLCI.COM
Fri Sep 22 15:59:40 EDT 2000

> >>Ron Tree plays at Glastonbury 2000 using the Death Generator (upsets a
> people)
> Didn't anyone see this?  First I'd heard of it.  What do they mean - Death
> Generator?  That old Robot thing he had used on a previous tour?  What
> people were upset?

I recall an interview with Dave where he explained that the Death Generator
is a device specially made for the band which has ten separate audio
generators/oscillators that interact with each other, for a truly bizarre
and mind-bending soundscape.  There were those plans to have the "Hawkwind
versus the Death Generator" concept album but that has been scrapped ages
ago as far as I know.
John Majka

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