HW: A word from the Captain

Tom Clark tclark at PETRONET.NET
Mon Sep 25 19:10:55 EDT 2000

I certainly hope that they intend on a professional video recording.   I would
be among  first in line to purchase one.   Though I had intended to record
snippets here and there from my farty little digital camcorder just for memory
sake, and to share, I certainly have no intentions of selling anything.
Yes,  are scumbags  out there who would want to capitalize (er....rip off the
band) which I lump together with ticket scalpers (Line them up!) and can see
the point of some of the objections and fears due to inferior quality and
perhaps residual income issues that would arise if someone were to release
bootlegs for sale.

But Hawkfans in general do not strike me as unsavory types, and if anything,
are of the trader mentality such as Grateful Dead or Gov't Mule fans, and are
in it for the love of music, and not for the monetary value.

Oh well, if they ban recording, it will be one less thing to carry around.

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