BOC: Imaginos, 1 part water 2 parts cornsyrup 1 part Natural flavor

Bolts of Ungodly Vision js3619 at WIZVAX.NET
Tue Sep 26 10:19:48 EDT 2000

Jean/Johnny wrote:

> >
> >Ah, one of my favorite sports.
My fave is "snipe hunting"  for those of you  who remember "Cheers" and the chicanery of the spie hunt.
2 points and a high five.  There's a similarity betwixt the two isnt there.

> [having read what you wrote:]
Wait a sec, you mean we're supposed to READ posts on this list? I thought I subscribed
for an exercise in deleting :)

> pleasure of unraveling the meaning behind a "conventionally" mysterious
> lyric, to the understanding of an occult reference. Don't get me wrong, I'm
> grateful for your insights (and would welcome more). I just prefer ordinary
> topics, they feel more "relevant" to me.
theres no such thing as an ordinary topic of discussion, or esle it wouldnt be worth talking about.
Theres ordinary space fillers like "how bout them mets?" or "its rainging tongight, isnt it?"
topics of discussion are necessarily uncertainties with language.
I shoud stop now before the ghost of Wittgenstein accosts my hands and types
a few pages on WORDS heh.

> Also, if anything of this is ever going to make it into the FAQ, more of the
> occult stuff should be explained.
The Mini-thesis did a hueckuva job with the occult stuff i my mem'ry serves me well and
it doesn't ask for a tip.  Wow.. .that feels like aeons ago!

> Palomino
> Injun Joe
> Alberdan -> especially I think this is important

Well,i remember asking about this word once (or I think i did., who knows)
to which A.Bouchard once  said that Alberdan was Sandy Pearlman's misinterpreting of
the lyric from "2000 Light Years From Home" by the ROlling stones: "I'll see
you on Aldebaran" (sure i probably spelled it wrong, but those who know dig)

As for the whole Imaginos discussion as it stands though, I'll reserve my comments
for the table in the back, smoking section and a good bottle of wine.

black heart of soul,

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