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On Thu, 28 Sep 2000, K Henderson wrote:

:Subject: HW: OFF: BritRail
:Hi everyone...
:I see that BritRail passes are not available for purchase in the UK.  (Does
:anyone else think that's a little weird?)  So, I see that a four-day
:SouthEast BritRail pass (2nd class adult), usable over an 8-day period is
:$105.  Not so bad.  But if I arrive at Gatwick on Oct. 19 at 5:30 AM and
:then spend two days in the 'Downs' and Canterbury and then two days in
:London (for HW & Motorhead), I still need transport back to Gatwick for a
:Monday morning flight (there's no 5-day southeast pass).  The train to
:Gatwick I see I can get for $18 (via the same means as the BritRail pass),
:but do I need to do that now?  (i.e., can I get an express train to Gatwick
:from Victoria for $18 or UKP equiv. just by showing up there?).  I'd prefer
:not to make up my mind about that now, as I *may* want to go to Gatwick
:straight from the Academy Sun. night (and just nap at the terminal), and
:(given the lateness of the hour) am not sure how to do that (i.e., what's
:still running).
:I am also assuming that the SouthEast pass will include all of the London
:Tubes as well, is that right?

I think that Britrail != London Underground.

For the Hawkestra, I got a london visitor travelcard (also not avail. in
the uk), to handle the zones that I need.  That gives free passage
on the tube.

take a look at www.londontransport.co.uk for tube stuff and
http://www.raileurope.com/us/rail/passes/uk_index.htm for british rail.

You can get a Gatwick Express ticket (gatwick -> victoria and back)
without getting a separate rail pass, and those tix can be purchased
at the airport, as well.

(been doing a lot of web surfing after I figured out that *I* was going)
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