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K Henderson henderson.120 at OSU.EDU
Wed May 2 10:40:45 EDT 2001

Jon said....

>if Dave, Alan, Ron and Jerry (and, come to that, Keith whom I
>shouldn't have forgotten until now though I've no idea how easily he
>could get to Devon every other weekend... ) each chipped in one song and
>filled up the rest with the synth'n'sequencer padding that occasionally we
>love, there's an album and quite possibly not a bad one.

Well, I was just thinking about this last night, because I just got the
Starfield CD-R (Thanks, A.G.) and it looks like Keith's from Bude, Cornwall,
which is just a stone's throw away from Great Torrington, or wherever the
hell Dave lives.  So he could be a big part of Studio Brock activities I
should think.

In fact, I don't see why a track or two from Keith and Danny's repertoire
couldn't become part of the Hawkwind standard set right now.  You know
there's plenty of precedence for this.  Think Swindells' Shot Down, Blake's
Lighthouse (and NJ, and Nati as well), and even Hale's Dangerous Visions.
It seems all the keyboardists get their stuff in there.  Seems to me that
'Return to Earth' and/or 'Telepathy' would make great tracks to add to the
live set.  Especially the former, with Richard really having fun on the
bongos in the midsection, just as he's been doing on Space is Their
(Palestine) for the past five years.

And this brings up a question...does anybody know what the official lineup
of the band *is* just now?

My guess is...
Dave Brock - G,V,K
Ron Tree - V (B if needed)
Alan Davey - B,V (whenever available)
Richard Chadwick - D
Keith Kniveton - K
Jez Huggett - Sax (Member-in-training?)
Harvey Bainbridge - K,V (permanent welcome guest)
Simon House - Violin (permanent welcome guest)

Is this close?

Of course, there are other frequent guests these days, including Huw, Nik,
MM by proxy, Martyn, Dibs, Blake, etc., but Harvey and Simon seem to be the
most regular performers.

Grakkl (FAA)

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