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Keith Barton keithb at CINESITE.CO.UK
Fri May 4 16:23:14 EDT 2001

Michael Crook wrote:

> Thanks for the chat script Arin, Good news about the dates and Album! I find it amazing that the the organisers of Brixton are claiming that the fans didn't go to see Hawkwind, when its got the word HAWKWIND printed in BIG letters across the bloody Brixton ticket!

I agree wholeheartedly.
Time for a petition....

Here goes...

I went to the venue known as the "Brixton Academy" on 21st October 2000, as a paying ticket holder, to enjoy a perfomance by members past and present of a band named "Hawkwind" entitled "Hawkestra". I did not pay or knowingly intend to pay towards the overall cost of
the production of the amplified sound produced by audio equipment present in the venue foyer. The  volume/level of the sound emanating from this equipment which, in my opinion, had NO connection with the featured event, invaded the main performance area, throughout
the entire duration of the performance, to the distraction and annoyance of many people, including myself, who paid to enjoy the performance by "Hawkwind".

I, the undersigned, hereby propose that no portion of the money gained from the sale or otherwise of tickets for the aforementioned venue on the aforementioned date for the event known as "Hawkestra", performed by artists under the collective name of "Hawkwind", be
awarded to the promoters/owners or associated agents of the audio equipment present in the venue foyer.

Keith Barton - email: keithb at cinesite.co.uk

<please add your name here and pass on to other people who went to the Hawkestra>


I'm not a lawyer so feel free to amend/append this statement as you see fit and pass it around to fellow Hawkwind fans, and back, to the people who've signed.

Hey Dave & Kris, let us know when and where the case will be and we'll be there to provide support.


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