OFF: King Tool?

John H. McCartney scorch at TE-CATS.COM
Tue May 8 13:56:30 EDT 2001

> > after the last Tool live album that walked all over the miserable carcass
> > that was the Crimso live album, I'd be there just to see Tool!!!
> > Andy Garibaldi
> what Tool live album are you on about ???  AFAIK there's no such thing ever
> released.

Ah, let me enlighten you. Hie thee off to thy favorite Shop of
Recordings and thence aquire the recently released _Salival_ box.
This contains a great cd with live tracks, and a video compilation
on either VHS or DVD.

I'm curious as to what you actually get on the VHS version, and the
sequencing. I've got the DVD, and the navigation is, well, peculiar.....

Fans of Tim Burton will probably love the videos, that's what first
attracted me to it; I saw about 5 seconds of one on an awards show
and had to see more.


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