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Thu May 24 21:37:22 EDT 2001

On Thu, 24 May 2001 20:19:37 -0600, Mike C <deltawave at METRONET.COM> wrote:
> Are you speaking of manufactured bootlegs, or CDR.....???
> [ ... snip ...]
>is there really any such thing as Bootlegs anymore?????

My personal quote on the subject is:

"Home CD recording is killing the bootleg industry"

(I'm sure y'all remember the cassette-and-crossbones logo that was printed
on the inner sleeve of most UK LP's of the 80's.)

>I am NOT being smart-ass......I refer to the fact that they seemed to
>proliferate into the 90's, but then there was some crack down on the laws
>in Germany or something, and I haven't seen or heard of any PROPER ones

Italy was the king of legal-early-copyright-expiration-of-live-
performances "grey market" boots in the mid-90s, but I believe their
copyright laws have been "upgraded" to EU standards since then.

And in Italy, it looks like many of the former bootleggers may have
switched to legitimate reissues (which has been a HUGE boon for lovers of
psychedelic vinyl such as myself).  I wonder if the CEO's of Arkana, Get
Back et. al. used to do boots?

>is there???

I was in upstate-California (is that a malapropism, Noo Yokkers?) last
weekend and saw a box full of CD boots at the counter of the record store
we went too.  I didn't even bother with 'em, but the friend I was with said
he looked through them and they were a mishmash of pressed CD's and CD-
R's.  No Hawkwind, though ... (but some good stuff like Barrett-era Floyd
BBC sessions IIRC) ...

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